How to know if you are going to get a quality window cleaner?

We all work hard for our money and don’t want to waste in on getting someone who doesn’t know what they are doing or won’t give you a quality job but how will know if you are going to get a quality window cleaner?

One of the easiest ways to guarantee you will get a professional window cleaning job is to hire a professional who is a member of an industry association.

The leading industry association for window cleaners is Australian Window Cleaning Federation (AWCF).

Who is Australian Window Cleaning Federation (AWCF)?

The Australian Window Cleaning Federation (AWCF) is a non profit trade association committed providing quality to the window cleaning industry and servicing Australian window cleaners.

AWCF was established by a group of Australian window cleaners to foster information and professionalism in Australia. Members can get information and ongoing training on any sector of the window cleaning industry.

Why is it important to hire someone who is in the AWCF?

Peace of mind and so you can get what you pay for. By choosing a AWCF member you can be ensured of a quality service for your window cleaning needs.

What to look for when hiring a window cleaner

Here are some things to consider when hiring a window cleaner:

  1. Guaranteed quality service

Choose cleaners who offer great services. Choosing an AWCF member can give you a peace of mind knowing your contractor will be a skilled professional.

  1. Qualified window cleaners

It is best to know the background of your window cleaners to ensure the quality of work you need. Professional window cleaners have undergone training, know and follow all safety precautions during the cleaning process. AWCF members take their job very seriously so you know they will do a great job.

  1. Does ongoing training

Get AWCF cleaners to guarantee you outstanding results. They get training regularly to learn different cleaning procedures such as stain removal treatment (SRT) and new waterfed pole systems (WFP), ensuring you can make the most of your windows for longer years.

  1. Complied safety standards

Complying with the strict Australian Standards is a must. Reducing the need for ladder by using pole feed cleaning where high windows can be cleaned from the ground also helps prevent the risk of falls or injuries.

  1. Insured cleaners

Get quality insured cleaners to extend the life of your windows and provide you window quality window cleaning is the first step but they must be insured for the unlike event that something does go wrong.

Who is your local AWCF Member in WA?

Modern WINDOW CLEANING is proud to be one of the few AWCF members in WA.

Looking a a proven track record in a window cleaning company then go no further than Modern WINDOW CLEANING. We provide you with an efficient and excellent cleaning service in a very reasonable price.

For enquiries, call Eddie on 0437 882 741 to book in your window cleaning appointment.

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