How much does window cleaning cost?

Christmas is coming and you are having the family over. Doing the vacuuming, cleaning the linen but what about the windows?

Window cleaning can be a tough job – no one wants to do it.
It’s even worse if you have a two storey house because cleaning your windows can be dangerous too.

That is why; it’s a good idea to hire a window cleaning professionals to do the cleaning for you. Window cleaners can make your glass gleam again and ready for your guests to admire the view of your backyard or beyond.

How much does window cleaning cost?

Generally the cost of window cleaning is charged on the amount of work that needs to be done.

  1. Number of windows. The more windows that needs cleaned, the more time it will take the cleaner so the larger amount you will expect to pay.
  2. Ease of access. For hard to reach areas, window cleaners might require to use ladders and other special tools. The difficult to clean the area, the higher the cleaning cost will be.
  3. Other required services. If screens have to be removed and replaced etc.

Modern Window Cleaning can clean high windows from the ground which often alleviated the need for ladders or EWP hire and makes cleaning your windows quicker and cheaper. See Reach & Wash for more information.

Need window cleaning?

Windows can make your home brighter and beautiful, keep them clean by hiring a window cleaner. For your window cleaning needs, contact Modern Window Cleaning. We offer cleaning services for both commercial and residential. We service in Bunbury, Busselton. Margaret River, Dunsborough, Eaton, Australind, Capel and all areas in between. Book your appointment now and be ready for Christmas.

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