Hard water can damage your windows!

If you think hard water is the best cleaning solution for windows? Think again. While water can be a cleaning solution, it can also cause several problems. Did you know that hard water can damage your windows?

How can hard water damage to your windows?

Hard water deposits are derived from water that contains a high mineral content – usually consisting of magnesium and calcium along with other compounds. These minerals are dissolved into the water as it passes through the ground. If you use hard water to clean, when it evaporates it leaves behind these deposits on your windows. They then start to build up and might be hard to notice at first.

Eventually, these deposits will create a thick layer of crust. Once this build-up continues, it can give your windows a hazy, blurry, bullet sprayed like appearance.

Mineral deposits are easy to get rid of but when left unattended for a long period; they will slowly etch into the glass of your window. Once this happens, it can be impossible to remove the spots without further damage to your windows.

Hard water can damage your windows!

This is the main reason why it’s important to hire an expert window cleaner to attend to your window needs. You might not be able to notice the hard water spots or be able to remove them safely. A professional windows cleaner has the experience and equipment that allows them to spot any deposits on your windows early and remove them. Do not let hard water damage your windows – remove any deposits as early as possible and let the specialists do it properly! See our Pure Water technology for more information.

MODERN Window Cleaning

Got hard water spots? Contact MODERN Window Cleaning for all your window cleaning needs. We offer hard water stain removal no matter what stage of damage your windows are at. We also offer preventative maintenance to provide extra protection for your windows against stains and spots in the future. Ring Eddie today on 0437 882 741 and book an appointment.

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