Does rainwater makes your windows dirty?

Do you worry that every time it rains that your windows are going to end up dirty? Well no need to worry, rain does many things but it won’t make a clean window dirty. It may make a dirty window look worse, but only if it is unclean to start with. Actually, rain keeps clean windows cleaner for longer.

How rainwater keeps your windows clean

Ground water contains minerals and chemicals that are not found in rainwater. This is the main reason why when using ground water, you have to dry your windows thoroughly or it will leave spots. This is because when the ground water evaporates, the chemicals and other substances are left behind, leaving white spots on your windows.

On the other hand, rainwater is pure and will not leave spots when it dries – unless your window is already dirty to begin with! Regular rainwater can keep your windows cleaner for a longer period of time because it helps keep dirt and pollen from accumulating on the glass. If there is no dirt on your windows, rainwater will not create any spots at all. The key here is to have your windows clean so you don’t have to worry about window spots and dirt every time it rains.

So, it is safe to say that a clean window and a regular rain shower can let you have cleaner windows. Take a look at your windows exposed to the rain and those that are not. Those that are not exposed are generally dirtier.

Does rainwater makes your windows dirty?

The answer is no. Rainwater doesn’t make your windows dirty – in fact, it can keep your windows cleaner for longer.

If you are in a salty environment then the wind can blow in the salt and make your windows dirty.

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