Cleaning High Windows without Ladders in Busselton

Looking for expert high window cleaners? Modern WINDOW CLEANING is your best choice. We offer Reach & Wash window cleaning system to suit your needs.

We clean windows in Busselton, Eagle Bay, Yallingup, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Bunbury and surrounds. All of these places that have high hard to get to windows!

Flexible hours, check out the Busselton sunrise – up early window cleaning.

Modern WINDOW CLEANING have a great system called Reach & Wash which can be used by itself without ladders or in combination with window cleaning from ladders depending on your situation and need.

Easy and effective cleaning method

Modern WINDOW CLEANING offers the Reach & Wash technique to clean high windows up to 4 storeys high that is approximately 12.5 metres. No need to use Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) or scaffolding to reach high windows, perfect to give your windows fabulous look that saves you money.

Reasons to get Reach & Wash for high windows:

  1. Easy and effective cleaning method
  2. Safe and affordable
  3. Healthy and hygienic
  4. No chemicals or detergents

Safe and affordable

If you have inaccessible areas that normally need a EWP we can clean your windows without the added expensive of hiring an EWP with our Reach & Wash cleaning system. Forget about ladders if your sit is sloping, no risk to our  cleaners. Reach & Wash cleaning system ensures high safety as it eliminates danger of ladders, giving you a peace of mind.

We can clean your external glass, frames and sills directly from the ground without the need for ladders.

Healthy and hygienic

Using only 100% pure water, you can ensure that no streaks or smudges will be left on the windows. According to study, pure water is the universal solvent so you can ensure hygienic and healthy benefits when it is used as cleaner. Reach & Wash is incredibly the safest cleaning method you can ever give your high windows.

No chemicals or detergents

Reach & Wash is amazingly the most environmental friendly window cleaning system you can ever have. We don’t use chemicals or detergents. Using a four stage filtration process, contaminates will no longer exist in the water making the water 100% pure.

During the cleaning process, any dirt or contaminating particles will be absorbed into the water then washed away in the final rinse. Using Reach & Wash system, we can ensure you spotlessly clean windows you will really love forever.

Cleaning High Windows without Ladders in Busselton and surrounds.

In Eagle Bay, Busselton, Yallingup, Margaret River, Dunsborough, Bunbury and surrounds we clean all type of windows, looking for window cleaning contact Modern WINDOW CLEANING on 0437 882 741.Book your appointment today.

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