3 window cleaning myths you should know!

Thinking of hiring a window cleaner to clean your dirty windows? Great but are you worried about the horror stories you’ve heard about window cleaning companies? You want to make sure you are spending your money on a high quality service.

Window cleaners are professional and they are trained to clean your windows using the right cleaning technique and tools. If you are careful when hiring, you’ll find out that hiring a window cleaner will be the wisest decision you’ll ever make – and you can thank yourself later!

Here are 3 myths that are untrue.

Window cleaners only clean window exteriors

This is not true!  Window cleaners can clean both inside and out. Otherwise, you can ask them to pay only half the prices since its only half cleaned. In fact, window cleaners can also clean skylights, shutters and even chandeliers if you want. Mention these items when you get a quote.

All window cleaning products cleaners used are the same

Professional window cleaning have used a lot of cleaning products in the past and will surely know which will work best for your windows. It is not just a cleaning job for them but more like a restoration job – they’ll restore your window back to its former state.

You could do the cleaning better than a professional cleaner

Anyone can clean a window but only a professional cleaner can make your windows appear like new – clear, residue free windows you can enjoy for a long time. Try cleaning a window and see the result – it’s a good way to bust your myth actually!

3 window cleaning myths you should know!

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