3 things you should do before hiring a window cleaning professional

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a crystal clear summer day through your window? You will get the best view through your windows if they are streak free and clean.

  • Haven’t got time
  • Windows too dirty
  • Windows too high?

Call in a professional window cleaner. Professional window cleaners know what needs to be done to make your window thoroughly clean.

Once you have decided to hire a professional window cleaner, there are a few things you should do before your cleaner arrives.  Not all professional window cleaners are the same, so do your homework. Doing these things will allow you to enjoy the summer view outside through your spotless, dirt free window!

Check the professional window cleaning company is qualified and insured

Make sure your chosen professional window cleaning company is qualified and insured. Do they belong to an industry organisation? By having a qualified window cleaner you are assured of getting a great window cleaning job that you expect when hiring a professional. Modern WINDOW CLEANING are members of Australian Window Cleaning Federation, one of the few Western Australian companies that are, so you can be assured that they keep their skills up to date and do ongoing training in the latest window cleaning techniques.

Clean your blinds or curtains

Do you have blinds or curtains on your windows? Blinds can collect dirt and dust over time – make sure you have it clean. How long is it since you washed your curtains? Read the care instructions carefully and take to the dry cleaner if necessary. Clean windows and having dirty window coverings is not a good idea.

Move fragile items

Professional window cleaners are highly trained and have lesser chance of getting into accidents but whether you expect it or not, accidents do happen. Make sure you move your any fragile items out of the way.

3 things you should do before hiring a window cleaning professional

By being prepared for you window cleaning, you will get a great job.

For all your window cleaning needs, contact Modern WINDOW CLEANING. We offer window cleaning services for both residential and commercial needs. We’ll make your window clean, and look like they were just installed yesterday.

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